The secret and exciting world of penis pumps

As we become more and more aware of how important our looks are in todays society, even the most unusual things can become apart of our everyday lives.

A pump dick, sometimes referred to as a vacuum pump or constriction device is one of the few treatments designed for men who have the inability to get or maintain an erection that is sufficient for sexual activity, otherwise known as erectile dysfunction. It is one of the most common forms in men and it can occur to anyone and at anytime.

So you ask, how does it work? Well a pump dick is a plastic tube that is able to fit over the penis, it can work by either a hand or electric pump which is attached to the tube to create a vacuum that is able to pull blood into the penis. The blood creates an erection in the penis and once this has formed you then slip a rubber constriction ring around your penis in order to maintain the erection.
Once you have achieved an erection you are able to remove the vacuum, but don’t leave the constriction ring on for too long, as cutting off blood flow for too long can injure your penis.

Now there may be a few ideas swimming through your head such as; is a pump dick for me and is it safe to use. These pumps can be great for erectile dysfunction for a number of reasons.
It not only is effective when you use it correctly but it also poses less of a risk compared to other treatments. There is a lower cost compared to other treatments because it is just the initial purchase alone rather than constant prescriptions and it is also a noninvasive approach but can still be used with other treatments.

There are a variety of pumps available on and offline, a range of sizes and colours to choose from, but it all depends on your own preference.